Engineer program Master program Continuing education

Engineer program (in French) 

  • Introduction to Digital Communication (COM105)
  • Error Correcting codes (Telecom 202b, ACCQ204)
  • Modern Coding
  • Advanced reception techniques for digital communications
  • Digital communication systems
  • Coding/Decoding for MIMO systems
  • Coding for optical communication systems
  • New : Technology Innovation (Innovation Technologique)

Master program

  • Master E3A (joint M2 program with Université Paris-Saclay) in English
    Track “Optical Networks and Photonic Systems/Réseaux optiques et Systèmes Photoniques (ROSP)”:

    • Refresh on Digital Communications
    • Advanced Digital Information Processing
  • Master IP Paris :  MICAS in English

Continuing education (in French)

  • Techniques de codage et de décodage pour système MIMO (3 jours)
  • Techniques Modernes de codage et décodage itératif (2 jours)